Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Lunch

Lunch food varies. In some places, one eats similar things both at lunch and at supper - a hot meal, sometimes with more than one course. In other places, lunch is the main meal of the day, supper being a smaller cold meal.

Many people eat lunch while at work or school. Employers and schools usually provide a lunch break in the middle of the day, lasting as much as an hour. Some workplaces and schools provide cafeterias, often called canteens, where one can get a hot meal (in British schools female staff who serve lunch are often known as "dinner ladies"). In some work locations one can easily go out to eat at a nearby restaurant. Where these conveniences are not available it may be impractical to make lunch the main meal of the day. In these cases relatively simple foods might be packed in a container, such as a bag or a lunchbox, and taken to work or school. Many worksites are visited regularly by catering trucks, which provide lunch.


Semalam aku dikejutkan dengan kedatangan 2 makhluk dari kampung aku.Kedatangan mengejut diorang memang mengejutkan sebab lepas sorang datang,sorang lagi datang.Almaklumlah orang kampung aku, takkan la tak layan kot sebab aku nak kena mengadap muka dorang kat kampung nanti. Selamat Datang ke Pulau Pinang diucapkan kepada Ah Bu dan Ah Roy.Bon Appetite....Bonjour....

Mamat ni keletihan terlampau sangat sebab bersembang.Diharap kepada sesiapa yang ingin bersembang,pastikan tidur anda cukup.Don't drink n Sembang.Bahaya tu.